The Most Fluffy Of White Sweaters

White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit. Have you ever heard of the saying? Superstition says that if White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit is the first thing you say on the first day of each month then you will attract good luck.

I don’t believe in all superstitions (black cats are the cutest!) but I figure why not say something at the beginning of each month that encourages a positive outlook for the month ahead. I know what I will be saying when I wake up tomorrow morning.




Want to know what I have been wearing lately? This cozy, fluffy and oh so cute white sweater that is just as cute as a white rabbit. This sweater is warm, soft and adds a luxe touch to the world of sweaters. Luxe sweaters have really been making a splash in the fashion world lately and by luxe, I mean textured sweaters that exude cozy, elegance. When I saw this sweater, I knew it was something special and the answer to those days when I want to feel comfortable and stylish, like my Club Monaco vest in this post.




To add to the luxe element of this look, I paired it with my Moschino Cheap Chic cashmere/wool blend lip print scarf that I got in Florence, Italy. You can read all about my Italian adventure here. I purchased my scarf because whenever I travel to a new city, I love to buy something by a local designer plus any accessory with a lip print catches my eye, like in my Red Nighttime Valentine’s Day outfit post here. My Michael Kors handbag completes the approachable luxe look and I am good to know!




Oh and don’t let the word luxe fool you because this sweater is from Forever21! Remember ladies, just because something is cheap (as in affordable) it doesn’t mean it needs to look cheap.



SHOP THE LOOK with inspired styles 

Kenneth Cole New York ‘Teddy Bear’ Faux Fur Clutch Coat $79.90 (ON SALE)

Kenneth Cole New York ‘Original Teddy’ Faux Fur Coat $89.90 (ON SALE)

Rockins Paisley Lips Classic Skinny Silk Scarf, Black $200

Rockins Paisley Lips Super Skinny Silk Scarf, Ivory, $125

Michael Kors Jet Set Large Saffiano Leather Crossbody $89–148

Michael Kors Bedford Leather Crossbody $89-198

I get commission for purchases or clicks made through the product links in this post.

Do you believe in superstitions? Do you like luxe sweaters?


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