My Museum Outfit


On a chilly, winter Saturday where the snow gently fell on the ground, I had the pleasure of attending the Christian Dior Exhibit at the ROM and this is my museum outfit.

When attending the museum there is a certain attire that just works and that is usually any fashion item that is comfortable, classic and stylish in my opinion. For a day at the museum especially when visiting an exhibit filled with such beautiful and thoughtfully made clothing, I wanted to wear a museum outfit that was classic, feminine and comfortable. Classic because as cliche as it sounds, classic looks are always in style, feminine because the designs of Christian Dior defined feminine dressing during a time when utilitarian dressing was not only the norm but a necessity and, comfortable because when standing on my feet for few hours while looking at beautiful gowns I don’t want to worry about something digging into my hips.



This sapphire blue coat was purchased at Le Chateau years ago and being a classic it looks as good as new today! You can how I wore this coat last year here. I chose to wear this coat because I love the striking colour and the flattering cut. The tie at the waist creates an hourglass shape when worn and the double breasted button style give the coat an almost military look.



For a luxe, glam touch to my outfit I chose to accessorize this coat with my favourite black leather mittens with a black fur trim, faux fur earmuffs, shaggy plaid scarf and oxblood chain link Rebecca Minkoff bag. These mittens were also purchase years ago from Mendencino and due to its classic look it works well with every winter coat I own! My faux fur earmuffs are a Godsend anytime I wear my hair in an updo during the winter because it keeps my ears warm without ruining my hairstyle. My shaggy plaid scarf goes perfectly with this outerwear outfit because it picks up the striking, sapphire blue colour of my coat, the red colour of my handbag and the soft, neutral colour of my earmuffs. My oxblood chain link Rebecca Minkoff bag is one of my favourites because of its large size that leaves room for my wallet, glasses, iPhone and lipstick but it doesn’t feel heavy. Plus, a chain link handbag always look chic.




For my museum outfit underneath my outerwear I wore one of my favourite silhouettes, the fitted turtleneck and fit and flare skirt. A classic silhouette that is universally flattering and was fitting for an exhibit honouring the iconic designs and silhouettes created by Christian Dior. This turtleneck is from Club Monaco and is one of my favourites due to its warmth and colour. I love oxblood and any shade of red really so when I saw this sweater on a day of shopping, I knew I had to have it. Read about my love of red and turtlenecks, here and here. My skirt is from Ann Taylor and I enjoy wearing it because of its thick fabric that helps to create a smooth and flattering appearance.



Do you have a go to museum outfit?



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