Christian Dior Exhibit at the ROM and Book Review

The Christian Dior exhibit celebrating the 70th anniversary of the House of Dior has landed at the ROM and I had to go.

I always enjoy attending museums because it is an opportunity to learn something new. However, the subject of this exhibit was nothing new to me because two years ago I had the pleasure of reading VOGUE on Christian Dior by Charlotte Sinclair which highlighted the first ten years of the House of Dior which coincidentally is the same focus of the Christian Dior exhibit at the ROM.




When thinking of Christian Dior, you probably only think of fabulous haute couture gowns but the first ten years of the House of Dior created much more than a fashion statement. Launching after the second world war, Christian Dior’s New Look revived Paris haute couture and women’s interest in dressing up after a devastating time period. The renewed interest in high fashion also boosted the economy so much so that Christian Dior products accounted for 5% of French exports!




The haute couture fashions were truly beautiful. I have such an appreciation for the attention to detail that goes into creating a Christian Dior haute couture gown. All of the exquisite embroidery was sewn by hand, most of the dresses had a built-in corset to create the appearance of an hourglass figure and, each look embodied the definition of elegant, feminine dressing. Christian Dior’s New Look was considered revolutionary when it first debuted in 1947 and it still influences how we dress today.


Have you seen the Christian Dior exhibit at the ROM?


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