How To Pack For a Long Weekend In Montreal

I recently came up from a lovely long weekend trip to Montreal where the weather was splendid with the crisp blue skies, bright, white clouds and fresh, early fall air. (read all about my fabulous experience here!) I also enjoyed hearing all of the French! Although a large majority of people in Quebec are bilingual many people initially spoke French when I was greeted by them and it brought back memories of my core French classes.






Most of my travels have been longer than a long weekend which meant that for this vacation I had to do the unheard of for me: pack my entire vacation items in a carry-on. A few years ago, when I visited New York City I decided to pack my things in one carry-on and a large handbag. The carry-on that I was holding had small handles similar to a handbag which made carrying the bag through the airport and to and from the hotel painful and uncomfortable for my hands. Ever since that experience, I decided that whenever I travel I will not use a carry-on regardless of how long my vacation is. Besides, I would always over pack so I would have outfit options just in case an exciting unexpected event popped up and I needed something to wear. Well, over packing resulted in carrying a really heavy suitcase that often required that I paid an extra fee at the airport because my suitcase was too heavy. Not fun and quite expensive. For this long weekend vacation in Montreal, I wanted my entire experience from start to finish to be seamless and stress-free which meant no heavy suitcase that required check-in. Hello, carry-on! When purchasing my carry-on, I wanted something that was easy to carry around, which meant that it needed to be lightweight, have wheels and an extendable pull up handle. I also wanted something that was affordable so I ventured over to Wal-Mart and found a simple black carry-on suitcase for $21.96! It was a steal to say the least.

Now onto the fun part, packing. Read on for some tips on how to pack for a long weekend in Montreal. This list is perfect for people who over pack and are ready for a reformation. Let’s go!



  • Bring one pair of comfortable, versatile pants. This means something that does not require an iron, steamer and has some stretch to it. When you are on a short vacation, you will not have time to smooth out wrinkled pants because you will be too busy sightseeing and enjoying your vacation destination of choice. I suggest packing a pair of black leggings because they work for the daytime when paired with a fitted t-shirt, statement scarf and faux leather jacket and for nighttime, when paired with a blouse and nighttime shoes. Check out some black leggings here, here, here, here and here.
  • Pack a statement scarf. Montreal is known for its chilly weather and colder temperatures so a statement scarf will come in handy when you need to warm up. A statement scarf will also add a nice pop to your outfits. See some statement scarves here, here, here, here and here.
  • Wear a pair of comfortable shoes. Montreal is filled with lots hills and elevations in its landscape which is difficult to navigate in uncomfortable shoes. I suggest wearing a pair of colourful yet stylish sneakers. I love these comfortable and stylish sneakers and they are under $60!



  • Take a faux leather jacket. Faux leather jackets have become a wardrobe staple because they can be worn with a variety of outfits making it easy put together each of your outfits. Make your traveling easier by wearing your faux leather jacket on the flight or train ride that way you don’t need to pack it in your carry-on. The leather jackets here, here, here, here and here are some of my favourites.
  • Bring two to three tops that can be worn easily with your black leggings. For my trip, I packed one blouse and one t-shirt. I wore a black t-shirt with a lightweight, black, long-sleeved OVO shirt on top with my bright blue Yolanda Hadid inspired faux leather jacket (you can find the exact style here) on my early morning flight which happened to be on the same day of my first day of my vacation which meant that I had less to pack in my carry-on.





  • Pack travel-sized toiletry items. Although this may seem like a no brainer, it is easy to forget to pack the right sized items in your carry-on. Trust me, it happened to me on my Montreal vacation. Not only will packing travel-sized items in your carry-on keep your small luggage light and easy to carry but it will also make your travel much easier!
  • Roll up your clothing. When packing for my long weekend in Montreal I decided to roll up my clothing and pyjamas in order to use the least amount of space in my carry-on as possible and it worked. My secret tip is to go one step further and roll up your outfits by placing one shirt over a pair of leggings and then tightly rolling up the two together. Having rolled up outfits allowed for easy unpacking once I got to the hotel because all I had to do was unroll each outfit, hang it up and be done!
  • Take one nighttime dress. You never know when a fun nighttime plan might strike, in case you haven’t planned one already and you will want to be prepared with a stylish outfit. Similar to the leggings, you want to pack a dress that does not wrinkle easily so I recommend bringing a thick jersey knit dress with you on your vacation that you can wear underneath your faux leather jacket for those chilly Montreal nights. You can see some great options here, here, here, here, and here.
  • Pack just a few key pieces of jewelry with you. There is no need to bring five necklaces, eight rings, three bracelets and four pairs of earrings with you on a long weekend vacation unless you are attending a fabulous event every night in which case, go ahead. However, just in case you are not going to stylish affairs multiple times over the course of your short vacation then you only need to pack one to two nighttime jewelry pieces and one day time jewelry piece.




These tips made my travel experience easy! What are some of your long weekend vacation packing tips?

Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely day!


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