What To Wear To A Blue Jays Game

The boys of summer are back in town and the Blue Jays season is full steam ahead. Although, I don’t consider myself to be an avid sports fan, watching baseball live and in person is so much fun! Why you ask?

Well, I get to support Toronto, enjoy the Rogers Centre and look at cute boys. What is even more fun about attending a Blue Jays game is that I get to wear a cute Blue Jays outfit. I fully embrace themes, holidays and, any excuse to plan an outfit around a special occasion which you can clearly see here, here and, here. Over the last few years, wearing clothes that celebrate Toronto have become more and more popular. Clothing companies such as Peace Collective (who provide meals for children through the Peace Foundation every time a garment is sold) have made it cool to wear your love for the six. As a born and bred Torontonian, I for one love to share my love for my city which makes wearing a Blue Jays outfit extra fun and special.






For this Blue Jays outfit, I decided to wear my Blue Jays t-shirt and hat – it doesn’t get more festive than that! This Blue Jays t-shirt was purchased from Old Navy and it is so soft! The lightweight fabric makes it extra cozy and allows it to breathe so I can comfortably watch the game in the summer heat or easily layer it in with a jacket in the early fall season. On a very hot and sunny Saturday afternoon, I once wore a fabric that was made out of a synthetic fibre (natural fibres breathe better) to a baseball game and needless to say, I was drenched in sweat by the time the game was over. I have learned my lesson and I now will only wear breathable natural fabrics when attending outdoor sporting events.

Blue Jays T-Shirt: Old Navy (similar Blue Jays T-Shirt here, here, here, here and here)





My Blue Jays T-shirt is equally as comfortable as my hat and because of the soft fabric in the back of the cap which comfortably fits my large head. LOL Yes I have a large head and I am not afraid to admit it. The bright red shade of this hat stood out to me because Blue Jays hats are typical blue which makes it unique and eye-catching, plus red is my power colour.

Red Blue Jays Hat: (similar red Blue Jays hat here, here, here and, here)






Labour Day hasn’t arrived yet so I decided to pair this outfit with my favourite white jeans from Zara that I wore on my summer trip to Amsterdam. The pairing of the red, white and blue perfectly represents the Toronto Blue Jays official colours which has me feeling extra festive.

White Jeans: ZARA (similar white jeans here, here, here, here and here)









I decided to dress up my Blue Jays outfit with my Michael Kors wedges. I rarely wear heels due to my bunions but on the rare occasion that I do in the summertime I always wear these bad boys. My Michael Kors wedges are the most comfortable elevated shoe that I have ever worn. The wedge of the shoe is made with cork so it is lightweight making it easier to walk in and the soft leather straps comfortable fit around my feet so I don’t ever worry about getting blisters when I wear them. I have had this pair for seven years and they still look fresh. I highly recommend getting a pair of Micheal Kors wedges because they are worth every penny. For my handbag, I chose my classic, black Micheal Kors bag with luxe gold details. I love the structured shape of this bag because it keeps my lipstick, cellphone, wallet and keys organized and easy to find.

Black Michael Kors handbag with gold details: (similar one here, here, here, here and here)


Michael Kors Wedges: (similar Michael Kors wedges here, here, here, here and here)





For my make-up look, I went with my classic black cat-eyeliner and red Sephora cream lip stain. This cream lip stain is long lasting and does not rub off so I can enjoy sipping on some cold drinks while watching the game without worry about re-applying. Red lipstick is always a good idea and what better shade of lipstick to go with Blue Jays merchandise? And, who says that a casual look cannot have a glamorous touch? Red lipstick was the obvious choice for this outfit and helped me feel chic. I believe in adding a touch of style to every outfit you wear in order to give your look some personality and really make it your own.

Red Lipstick: Sephora Cream Lip Stain (similar here, here, here, here and here)









I get commission for purchases or clicks made through the product links in this post.

Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely day!

Tell me, do you like to wear your favourite sports team’s clothing when you attend sporting events? How do you wear your favourite sports team’s clothing?



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