Amsterdam Travel Style Diary: Haarlem and Dutch Dreams

Another day, another stroll in The Netherlands! On this day of my vacation, I visited the small city of Haarlem, had lunch at Hotel de L’Europe (the same hotel where The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stayed at for all you fellow real housewives fans out there!) and enjoyed the beautiful Dutch sunset.

Haarlem is a small city outside of Amsterdam and is considered to be the prime shopping destination of all of The Netherlands. With its narrow, cobblestone streets, tiny shops and canals, Haarlem was like a miniature version of Amsterdam. During my morning in Haarlem, I first did some shopping. I purchased a black halter dress with large pink roses and black lace trim, a sky blue faux leather jacket that reminded me of one that Yolanda Hadid has worn (considering that she is Dutch herself, I just had to buy it) and a multi-coloured art deco style statement necklace.

Style-with-Amanda-Dynamite-White-Tank-Top-White Jeans-Gap-Jean-Jacket-Haarlem-6
White Spaghetti Strap Tank: Dynamite (similar white spaghetti strap tank, similar white spaghetti strap tank, similar white spaghetti strap tank, similar white spaghetti strap tank, similar white spaghetti strap tank)


Style-with-Amanda-Dynamite-White-Tank-Top-White Jeans-Gap-Jean-Jacket-Amsterdam-Hotel-de-l-Europe-1

After getting some retail therapy, I did some walking and explored the small city. It was a bright sunny day with clear blue skies that glistened in the canals. The streets were quite lively with many people out and about, riding their bikes or eating while sightseeing. During my stroll, I stumbled upon a residential area of Haarlem with small white homes, plenty of climbing flower bushes and school children riding their bicycles as they spoke in Dutch, it was all quite serene. Like Amsterdam, Haarlem had its fair share of old churches like the Grote of St.-Bavokerk although I didn’t go inside this church it looked beautiful from the outside.


Style-with-Amanda-Dynamite-White-Tank-Top-White Jeans-Gap-Jean-Jacket-Haarlem-7


Style-with-Amanda-Dynamite-White-Tank-Top-White Jeans-Gap-Jean-Jacket-Haarlem-8


Style-with-Amanda-Dynamite-White-Tank-Top-White Jeans-Gap-Jean-Jacket-Haarlem-4


Style-with-Amanda-Dynamite-White-Tank-Top-White Jeans-Gap-Jean-Jacket-Haarlem-2

For my day of shopping, I decided to wear an all-white outfit. White is the epitome of summer style and there was something about being in The Netherlands that made me want to wear white. These white jeans are so comfortable because they have a bit of stretch and what is even better is that they don’t stretch out! I purchased them from Zara last year and I have gotten a lot of wear out of them.

Style-with-Amanda-Dynamite-White-Tank-Top-White Jeans-Gap-Jean-Jacket-Amsterdam-4
White Jeans: ZARA (similar white jeans, similar white jeans, similar white jeans, similar white jeans, similar white jeans)


Style-with-Amanda-Dynamite-White-Tank-Top-White Jeans-Gap-Jean-Jacket-Amsterdam-3

My white blouse with gold detailing and spaghetti straps was equally comfortable because of its loose fit. On a sunny day like this was it was really important that I wore something that would keep me comfortable because I get quite cranky when I feel over heated. :S My classic jean jacket that I purchased from the GAP in New York City while I was an intern for Seventeen magazine came in handy when I felt chilly. Yes, I said chilly. I found that even though it felt hot in the sun, it definitely felt a few degrees cooler while I was in the shade and it was quite windy. My rose coloured mirrored sunglasses were a fun and funky touch to this outfit and I love how it keeps up with the light shades of the overall outfit.

As mentioned, I enjoyed at Hotel de L’Europe. This lunch experience was fabulous! The entire restaurant was outdoors and decorated wit yellow sun umbrellas. The hotel is right next to a canal so I was able to enjoy the rippling water and watch boats go by as ate my delicious Caesar salad.


Mirrored Pink Sunglasses: Dynamite (similar mirrored pink sunglasses, similar mirrored pink sunglasses, similar mirrored pink sunglasses, similar mirrored pink sunglasses, similar mirrored pink sunglasses)





For my nighttime look, I continued with the white theme but added a touch of colour with my floral printed skirt which I purchased from Dynamite. This skirt is so easy to wear and with the slit it is also sexy! The light pink and red touches of colour on this skirt add interest to the whole look. The orange and gold sunset was beautiful during this evening in Amsterdam and I loved capturing it.

White T-Shirt with Ruffled Straps: Dynamite (similar white t-shirt with ruffled straps, similar white t-shirt with ruffled straps, similar white t-shirt with ruffled straps, similar white t-shirt with ruffled straps, similar white t-shirt with ruffled straps)






Floral Maxi Skirt with Slit: Dynamite (similar floral maxi skirt with slit, similar floral maxi skirt with slit (only $10!), similar floral maxi skirt with slit, similar floral maxi skirt with slit)


Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely day!


36 thoughts on “Amsterdam Travel Style Diary: Haarlem and Dutch Dreams

  1. So, it’s a lot to say about your style. First of all, I love it. It’s so me. Those white jeans and tank was so simple and chic. I’m loving your shades as well. Then, the flower print skirt was super cute. Good job and great post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your everyday style! Your all-white outfit looks great paired with those gorgeous shades. Any time I wear white, I get so nervous that I’ll magically fall into dirt the minute I step outside of my house 😂. You make it look so effortless!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! The good thing about Amsterdam is that you can experience it in just a few days! I am glad that you like the necklace! I got it a few years ago but I am sure you will be able to find something similar.


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