Amsterdam Travel Style Diary: Nine Streets

This past June, I had the pleasure of visiting Amsterdam! My experience was exciting, eye-opening and a roller coaster in every good way possible. This vacation was my first time not only in Amsterdam but in Northern Europe! As you know, I have visited Tivoli and Florence which are both located in Italy which is a part of Southern Europe. I have also vacationed in London, England but I have never been to Northern Europe. After my time in Amsterdam, I have an awakened curiosity to explore Northern Europe but until then I will reminisce about my experience in The Netherlands in four separate posts so stay tuned!

Let’s begin with my experience in The Nine Streets or as the Dutch call it De Negen Straatjes. The Nine Streets is located in the heart of Amsterdam’s canal district and is home to designer boutiques, art galleries, gift shops and restaurants. If you are visiting Amsterdam for the first time, visiting The Nine Streets is a great way to see the canals. It is quite nice how water is such an integrated part of the city’s design.

Red Floral Off-the-Shoulder Dress: Dynamite OLD (similar red off-the-shoulder dress, similar red off-the-shoulder dress, similar red off-the-shoulder dress, similar red off-the-shoulder dress, similar red off-the-shoulder dress)




Dainty Gold Necklace: Gift (similar dainty gold necklace, similar dainty gold necklace, similar dainty gold necklace, similar dainty gold necklace, similar dainty gold necklace)




Flowers were also another feature in The Nine Streets and to be honest the entire city. Most of the canal houses were decorated with ‘Blaze’ Modern Climbing Roses and the canal bridges had bushes of fuschia petunias. If you are a flower lover like me, then you will certainly enjoy the abundance of flowers in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in Amsterdam during tulip season but fortunately, I was still able to enjoy the flowers that were in bloom.


Cognac Handbag: Nine West OLD (similar cognac handbag, similar cognac handbag, similar cognac handbag, similar cognac handbag, similar cognac handbag)






For my day in The Nine Streets, I decided to wear my red off-the-shoulder floral printed dress with my ever-so-comfortable and good for my feet, Birkenstocks. Since Amsterdam is a pedestrian city with minimal public transit and I do not ride a bike, I knew that I would spend most of this vacation on my feet so I opted for comfort. My friend and I spent our entire day walking so my Birkenstocks were the right choice of footwear. My red off-the-shoulder floral print dress was the perfect fit for the day. As you all know, this colour is right up my alley and the floral print mirrors the gorgeous flowers in Amsterdam. The easy fit and lightweight fabric of this dress meant that it was comfortable and that it would moved in the Amsterdam wind which I personally loved. My favourite part of this dress is the two-tiered slightly ruffled details on the top and bottom of the dress. The double ruffles keep the look feminine and summery.

Shoes: Birkenstocks (similar Birkenstocks, similar Birkenstocks, similar Birkenstocks, similar Birkenstocks, similar Birkenstocks)




Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely day!



35 thoughts on “Amsterdam Travel Style Diary: Nine Streets

  1. I’ve never been to Amsterdam before, but it looks so pretty in your photos that you’ve totally made me want to go there. Love how many things match the color of your dress!!

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  2. Amsterdam must be one of my all time favorite cities. It’s so culturally rich and vibrant and the people are super friendly. I’d love to go back there some day and your photos brought back so many good memories

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  3. I have never been to Amsterdam, it looks great from your photos. I like the 9 streets area, with the beautiful canals and cafes all around. You were lucky for great weather as well, I’ve heard it rains quite a lot over there.

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