My Canada Day 150 Outfit

My Canada Day was pretty relaxed as I spent the day going to my favourite local café and eating ice cream. LOL. However, just because I did not have big plans for Canada’s big birthday it did not mean that I was not going to wear my Canadian love in style!



This past weekend myself along with Canadians across the country celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday! If you haven’t already, read my post 150 Red and White Things To Wear On Canada Day to get some Canada Day outfit inspiration that you can wear throughout the entire summer because there is no need to reserve your red and white style looks to Canada Day weekend.

Canadian Flag T-Shirt: Dollarama (similar grey t-shirt, similar grey t-shirt, similar grey t-shirt, similar grey t-shirt, similar grey t-shirt)




I bought this Canadian flag T-Shirt from Dollarama of all places! While in line to purchase some crafty items, I saw this T-Shirt hanging behind the cash register and thought it looked pretty chic. To me, there is something so chic about a grey t-shirt and I love the way grey and red look together. At $4 my Dollarama t-Shirt was a steal! Style does not have a price tag and it may sound cliché but you can truly find chic and fashionable items at any price point. Even though something is cheap in price it does not mean it needs to look cheap.

Red Dress: Urban Outfitters (similar red skirt, similar red skirt, similar red skirt, similar red skirt, similar red skirt)


Birkenstocks: Walking On A Cloud (similar black birkenstocks, similar black birkenstocks, similar black birkenstocks, similar black birketnstocks, similar black birkenstocks)

My red “skirt” is really a red dress that I have had for ages. The bright shade of this dress is a perfect match for the Canadian flag. Lucky for me, red is my favourite colour, in fact, it is my power colour and truthfully, I am happy anytime I am able to wear it. However, I don’t have any other red skirts or shorts so this dress came in handy for my Canada Day outfit. Wearing a T-shirt over a dress is a great way to extend the wear of a dress and a way to refresh the look of a certain dress. Sometimes in the colder months, I like to wear a turtleneck or crewneck sweater over a dress that may have a low neckline but a nice bottom half, which allows for added warmth. As mentioned, if you have a dress that is low cut in the front or back and you don’t want to show too much skin, wearing a T-Shirt over your dress will help you to enjoy that dress in a whole new way!



Red Handbag: Forever21 (similar red handbag, similar red handbag, similar red handbag, similar red handbag, similar red handbag)

For my accessories, I obviously had to wear this red handbag. The structured shape and gold details make it an instant classic. My purple and blue metallic aviators add a nice contrast to my red and grey outfit while also matching my Blue Jays hat. A great way to show your love for your country is to show your love for your city! As a born and raised Torontonian, I am happy to always show my love for the boys of summer, the Blue Jays!


Metallic Aviators: OLD (similar metallic aviators, similar metallic aviators, similar metallic aviators, similar metallic aviators, similar metallic aviators)



Blue Jays Baseball Hat: OLD (similar Blue Jays baseball hat, similar Blue Jays baseball hat, similar Blue Jays baseball hat, similar Blue Jays baseball hat, similar Blue Jays baseball hat)

What did you wear on Canada Day? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely day!



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