A White Floral Coat For Warm Weather

Summer is here! However, it is still a little chilly at times which is why I love wearing lightweight jackets because they are just right for a slight chill in the air and they are just right when the sun is shining.

Lately, I have been favouring long coats because I feel that they make an outfit look more sophisticated, they can sometimes double as robe-like dress coats and I just love the way a long lightweight coat looks when it blows in the wind because the soft layers look like the wings on a bird that is taking flight.

White Floral Coat: Joe Fresh (similar coat, similar coat, similar coat, similar coat, similar coat)

I first purchased this white spring coat with floral applique quite a few years ago from the Joe Fresh runway collection because it reminded me of the jacket Carrie wore in the first Sex and the City movie when she sees Big waiting in her closet after they haven’t seen each other for a year. During this time, it seemed like most of the clothing purchases I made were inspired by an outfit that was worn on Sex and the City. It’s hard not to feel influenced by arguably the most stylish women to ever be on television. Even to this day, the influence of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and, Charlotte’s style is felt.

Snakeprint Loafers: Aersoles (similar loafers, similar loafers, similar loafers, similar loafers, similar loafers)

Although this coat is unique and stylish, I haven’t started wearing it until recently. This coat was one of those pieces that you have in your closet that you love and fits perfectly but for some reason you don’t wear it often. I did not see any reason to part with this lightweight white flower adorned coat because deep down I knew that I would find an opportunity to wear it and about 8 years later, I was right!

Paris T-Shirt: OLD (similar t-shirt, similar t-shirt, similar t-shirt, similar t-shirt, similar t-shirt)

I finally wore this coat this past Mother’s Day. Being that Mother’s Day is a day to support the wonderful mothers and mother figures in our lives, I wanted to wear something that was soft and feminine. My Paris t-shirt is another connection to Mother’s Day because this t-shirt actually belonged to my mother when she was a teenager. When my mother was in high school, she went on a school trip to Paris and Rome and this was a t-shirt that she bought as a souvenir. Lucky for me, she kept this t-shirt and I am able to wear it! My light blue jeans are also from a trip abroad because I purchased them in London when I went on vacation last year. I love these jeans because they have a nice stretch making them super comfortable and they have a high-rise which makes them super flattering. I believe in dressing for your body type and these high waist jeans flatter my shape. My pearl necklace was a gift from my mother for my university graduation so it was fitting that I wore it on such a special occasion.

Light Blue High Waist Jeans: Miss Selfridges (similar jeans, similar jeans, similar jeans, similar jeans, similar jeans)

For Mother’s Day this year, my family and I decided to go for brunch at one of our favourite local brunch places. The food was scrumptious and delicious. Afterwards, we walked over to a flower shop where we were bombarded by beautiful, bright, luscious flowers. I love flowers! Who doesn’t? In the warm weather months, there is nothing I love more than walking around the neighbourhood and admiring the colourful, blossoming flowers. I decided to seize the moment and take some pictures of this gorgeous display of nature’s jewels and allowed them serve as a backdrop for my outfit! Never let an opportunity to take a great picture pass you by!

Pearl Necklace: GIFT (similar necklace, similar necklace, similar necklace, similar necklace, similar necklace)

Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely day!



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