Under My Marie Antoinette Umbrella

The first time I remember having an interest in stylish umbrellas was when I was in high school. It was a Burberry umbrella that caught my eye. I was drawn to the iconic classic check and the way the colour would give its holders a certain glow. From that moment on, I knew that I needed a fashion forward umbrella.

One of my first stylish umbrellas was decorating with black and white images of the Eiffel Tower. I was immediately drawn to this umbrella because of its reference to the everlasting, chic style of Paris. Whenever, I used this umbrella I felt stylish and I loved how the neutral colour made it look suitable with every outfit. I had that umbrella for about eight years until it broke and it was time to say goodbye. And then it was time to say hello, to my Marie Antoinette umbrella.

Umbrella: The Louvre Museum Gift Shop, similar umbrella, similar umbrella, similar umbrella, similar umbrella, similar umbrella





I purchased this umbrella while I was visiting The Louvre museum in Paris on vacation. After seeing the breathtaking sculptures, paintings and, the Mona Lisa, I decided to visit the museum gift shop. Whenever I visit a museum, I always love to visit the gift shops because they always carry unique, art-inspired pieces. Since I won’t be purchasing a Leonardo da Vinci any time soon, buying something from the museum gift shop helps me take a little piece of the art home with me. On this visit, it was this Marie Antoinette umbrella that caught my eye. I loved the colourful illustrations of the gorgeous dresses, the pink base and, the wooden handle that added character to the overall look. Pink is a great colour to have on an umbrella because it will give your skin a lovely rosy glow every time you use it. Trust me! Plus, who doesn’t want a rosy glow on a dreary day?

Pink Spring Coat: Zara OLD, similar pink spring coat, similar pink spring coat, similar pink spring coat, similar pink spring coat, similar pink spring coat





Each time I wear an umbrella I like to make sure that it coordinates with my outfit. Like any other accessory that you wear, you want to make sure that it works with your overall look and an umbrella is no exception. When I use my Marie Antoinette umbrella, I tend to wear it with neutrals and soft shades.


Dark blue skinny jeans: Joe Fresh OLD, similar dark blue skinny jeans, similar dark blue skinny jeans, similar dark blue skinny jeans, similar dark blue skinny jeans, similar dark blue skinny jeans




For this outfit, I decided to wear my Marie Antoniette umbrella with my pink tweed style jacket. I love how the pink base of the umbrella mirrors the pink of the jacket adding a monochromatic touch to the overall outfit. The grey shirt and grey Paris scarf mirror each other in colour. Grey and pink is such a nice colour combination for spring. Classic dark jeans are the way to go to finish off this look.


Scarf: Paris Eiffel Tower Gift Shop OLD, similar scarf, similar scarf, similar scarf, similar scarf, similar scarf



Grey Turtleneck: Club Monaco, similar grey turtleneck, similar grey turtleneck, similar grey turtleneck, similar grey turtleneck, similar grey turtleneck



Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely day!


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