Turning The Style Tide As I Wear My Navy Parka


Up until recently, the only winter that I would be seen in was a wool coat. To me, wool coats are sophisticated, stylish and professional looking. However something happened that made me want to make the switch to parkas.

Not a complete switch but more of situation-based switch. For example, I found that when I would talk on my cell phone while wearing a wool coat my arms would start to ache due to the heavier fabric. If I carried a heavy handbag or shopping bags after a day of shopping, I would get the same achy feeling in my shoulders. Also, during a crazy snowstorm in Toronto when the snow is pounding down on you, that wool coat starts to feel even heavier! Finally, I decided it was time for a change and I decided to purchase a parka. My criteria was that the parka had to be lightweight, warm of course and, have a touch glamour. After shopping at The Bay, I was able to find the parka that you see before your eyes.


Style-with-Amanda-The-Bay-Parka-Faux-Fur-Vest-Bloomingdales-Necklace-Club-Monaco-Sweaterdress-Hunter-Boots-2Parka: The Bay (similar parka, similar parka, similar parka, similar parka)

I love this parka because it not only met my criteria but it exceeded it! The gold buttons with the dark blue sheen of the outer shell had the right amount of glamour that I was looking for. A cozy and warm jacket does not need to be frumpy. I liked that the jacket was a shade other than black. While black has its place in the world of outwear, I wanted my parka to be a little unexpected. Gold and navy look wonderful together and provide a nice contrast that gives this parka an unique look.


Dress: Club Monaco (similar dress, similar dress, similar dress, similar dress)

I like to wear my parka with a thick layers. Since this parka is lightweight, I can get away with wearing clothes underneath and avoid feeling like a stuffed sausage. The thick layers also add to the cozy factor. On a cold winter day, there is nothing that I want to feel more than cozy and warm.

Style-with-Amanda-The-Bay-Parka-Faux-Fur-Vest-Bloomingdales-Necklace-Club-Monaco-Sweaterdress-Hunter-Boots-4Ear Muffs: OLD (similar ear muffs, similar ear muffs, similar ear muffs, similar ear muffs)

Fortunately, my thick, Club Monaco cashmere sweater dress, faux fur scarf, ear muffs, and glamorous parka allow to me combine the comfort of feeling warm while looking winter glam at the same time.

Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely day!


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