My Wool Coat Is Something Old and Something Blue

Have I mentioned how much I love coloured coats? I just love colour. Whenever I see a bright beautiful colour, I feel inspired and invigorated. When the weather is grey and dreary, it is even more motivation to throw on something bright filled with personality. Colour really does pop against grey after all.

Wool coat: Le Chateau OLD (similar wool coat, similar wool coat, similar wool coat)



During the bitterly cold yet bright and sunny weekend we just had in Toronto, I decided to wear to my sapphire blue wool coat that I have had for about five years. The thick fabric manages to keep me warm and the rich, saturated colour perks me up! The blistering wind, frigidly cold temperatures and extreme weather in the winter remind me of a dramatic, gothic Victorian novel so I love to wear things that sort of complement this intense vibe. This sapphire blue wool coat adds to the powerful weather and makes me feel like I am one with nature.

Plaid scarf: Joe Fresh (similar plaid scarf, similar plaid scarf, similar plaid scarf)



Ear Muffs: OLD (similar ear muffs, similar ear muffs, similar ear muffs)

Sapphire blue is also a lovely  winter to spring transitional colour because its intensity complements the strong environmental elements of winter while capturing the bright colours of spring. The key to successful transitional dressing is to wear outfits that echo the essence of the season’s past while embracing the key elements of the upcoming season.








Black Fur Mittens: Mendocino (similar black mittens, similar black mittens, similar black mittens)

For this outdoor winter look, I decided to accessorize with my red, white and blue plaid scarf, my furry ear muffs and, my favourite black fur and leather mittens. This scarf is the perfect complement to this outfit because it picks up the sapphire blue of my pea coat and the soft beige shade of my ear muffs while the red adds contrast and depth to the look. I highly recommend wearing ear muffs during the winter if you want to look stylish, stay warm and not ruin your hairstyle all at the same time.

Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely day!


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